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I need help with choosing my first electric guitar. I already have a yamaha acoustic, and have been playing that 6 months or so, on and off, not too seriously. Learning basic songs like Metallica - Seek & destroy. But now that I have started taken guitar seriously, I have realized its time to get my first electric guitar. But I need help choosing one. I have a limit of about $500AU, which is about $390USD. I can get more, maybe $100 more, but I would prefer it if I didn't.

I don't have an amp or anything else either, so a started pack might be in the question. Any ideas?

I think a first guitar good choice is Epiphone Les Paul standard, it was 450 AUD when I bought it. And with the extra $50-$150 you should buy a pretty nice practice amp.
i'd say learn more chords and get accustomed to the notes on the fretboard, practice some scales and such, etc and save yourself the money. I had a yamaha acoustic when i started, and i made it better by putting in a Tusq composite saddle and lowering the action. I digress. I just think that it's better to learn more basics then worry about getting a new guitar. my .02
Get a fender standard stratocaster
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Oh I can play other stuff than seek and destroy, I can play a fair bit of War Pigs, Ride the lightning, Iron man (lol), One, heaps of stuff just cant remember.

Oh yeah, The Les Paul is a bit expensive. The cheapest is $699. And my friend has a Strat and he would be angry if I got one. Seriously he's a dick. Anyone know a cheap place to look for guitars online besides eBay?
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Go to the Guitar Store and try out all the guitars in your price range. I personally like Fenders.
An amp isnt that much of a bother, because after I buy the guitar I can just tell mum I can't play it without one.
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Seriously he's a dick. Anyone know a cheap place to look for guitars online besides eBay?

A close friend is he then lol
A good place to look if you don't mind ordering from the UK would be www.gak.co.uk they arn't the best when it comes to being on time but they have some good deals on there.
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I'd much prefer to get it from aus, when you order it overseas shit ends up broken :P