Hi, I am new to this board and was looking for some help.

I have been playing for about a 6 weeks now on an accoustic [taylor 110].

I am guessing my form needs help because whenever I play the E A D strings my wrist starts to hurt- a sharp pain. I was wondering if anyone has a link to site to show correct form or if somone could explain it to me. besides that everything else is going great and my finger tips have finally hardened up enough so that I can play for as long as i want.

the most comfortable position...
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Look at it this way- everyone rags on air guitar here because everyone can play guitar. If we were on a lawn mower forum, air guitar would be okay and they would ridicule air mowing.

Try a little stretching and massaging before you start playing, too. You might be doing something new that your hand isn't accustomed to. Being properly warmed up can help immensely:
1) Holding your hand in front of you (like a salute) bend your hand at the wrist. Now push against your knuckles with the other hand just until it starts to be uncomfortable. Hold for 10 seconds.
2) Bring you left hand back to level. Now flex you hand upward and push against your fingers. Again, enough to feel the stretch but not hard enough to hurt. 10 seconds.
3)Grab your left thumb with your right hand and bend it back. Don't overdo it, just stretch..10 seconds. Repeat all 3 over.
4) Take the ball of you right thumb and work it hard into the meaty part of your left hand..the part toward the bottom. This deep massage helps increase blood flow.
Now that you've tortured you hand enough, continue the deep massaging on your left forearm all over.
After playing for some time, stop and massage again. You'd be surprised how much better you play when you do all this first.
If after this you're still having trouble, find someone who's a better player and ask them if you're doing something wrong. If they say you're OK, you may need to see a doctor.
when you got nothing better to do, grab an anti-stress ball and workout your left hand.
Take your left hand to the extreme of your strengh
hands down.
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Just google and you will find many resources out there, but if u are a bit too lazy here is a quick link to some pics of the left hand posistions:

+1 and while you're there check out the articles on approaches to technique.


Here is another question.

is yours wrist suppose to bend when you are playing certain notes/chords?

I heard its suppose to be straight at all times.