I'm thinking of building my own Les Paul type guitar... I want to get some Gibson Les Paul pickups but I'm not sure which one's to get or how/where to get them...
Are these Gibson Humbuckers the same as the one's in the LP studios?:
I'm talking about the 500T Bridge and the 496R Neck.

If these are nothing like them, what other pickups are similar to the one's in Gibson LP's?
Im not sure if they are but they would definately be good pickups. Check gibson.com for the pickups in the LP Studio. Or a better idea is find out what pickups are in the '95 LP studio (this was a good year for the studios i tried one and it sounded awsome but i didnt have enough money to buy it but i would have). Good Luck Building it though Mate.
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Thanks, yeah I'll check the gibson site n see if I can find some on ebay or somethin...

Also, d'you think building a LP is a good idea? Because I'm always afraid with building guitars that look like other guitars but don't have the brand name, because people would probably think it was just a shit copy guitar that I'd done up or somethin...
What I could also do is buy a Gibson decal off ebay for the headstock, to make it look like a gibson to avoid the 'cheap-guitar' assumptions, and then maybe on the truss cover write my name or somethin on it to show that its custom up close
I saw a bunch of gibson pickups for sale at the harmony central forum if you don't mind used pickups