I'm having trouble doing dive bomb I've looked on youtube It says you have to filck the sting dump the whammy which i can do and then hit the harmonic and pull the whammy back up do you hit the by just lightly touch the string or tap down on it or what any hepl would be great thanks
just pull the whammy far until the strings slap the fretboard.
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however you want. hold a chord and do a divebomb, do one on a pinch harmonic, be a tit and put your distortion on 'ultimate annoyance mode' and strum all open notes, theres no set way!
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just tap lightly and gently release/pull up your trem
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it's anything with pushing your trem all the way down..

What guitar do you have? if you have like a strat, then it's difficult to do a full divebomb while staying in tune and having the range.
I set mine up with the range of a floyd rose, oooh the joy.