hey could u advice me on what to get please it would help so much. ive seen alot of poeple say mg makes are rubbish but it has more power than the vox so im not to sure but if u could help me out that would be great thnx
MGs are rubbish.......well for a marshall amp. If power is what your after, just get the Vox AD50vt or Vox AD100vt. They have build in effects and are great for classic rock...........can dial in just about any tone.
Also Vox is a hybrid amp, it has a vaccum tube als and sounds much louder than most of the other 30 w amps out there
Remember bigger does not mean better. what use will 50 w of power be when u dont know what note you are playing in the overdrive mode
Go ahead with vox, u wont be dissapointed
I have not played a Vox but..

If you know how to work the MG you can get it to sound really good. You have to experiment, but you can get some pretty good distorted tones out of it. 90% of the people who say "MG's SUCK", haven't really took the time to try to make it sound good. I would go with an MG.
yeh but if you took that time you use on the mg to make it sound good and do the same with the vox the vox will sounds frikken awsome no competion.
I'd go with a Vox over any Marshall. Played an MG and liked the distortion, played a Vox and liked everything. Get the hybrid and ask about which volume ( model ) you should get.
Woah take this to the guitar gear and accesories thread.

I played the MG50DFX today though, pretty sweet effects, but tone was a bit off.
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arrrgggg...why is there one of these threads every 10 minutes? Everyone either knows the mg sucks or should just use the search button. That and stop comparing the VOX AD series to every amp in existence.

And on topic....yes, the AD30 would be better, although thte ad50 comes with a celestion stock speaker (which is much better)
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MG is a big big no no.

people who say "you can get it to sound good after ages"....no...just..no...
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Vox FTW, buy VOx now you will love it.
I have the ad30vt and it's great amp at a great price, unlike the MG amp.
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eeek, my bandmate has the mg50, and now it's broken. and my little crate 30 watt was... uncomparibly better than it.
wow, painful memory. stay away from the mg.
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STAY AWAY FROM MG's.. i have one.. i dispise it (stupid guitar center salesman). I've listened to the larger ones too and imo they dont sound any better. i'm getting a vox AD30VT for myself in a few months when i have the money. Definatelygo for the Vox.
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Vox > MG.

End of story.
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Don't buy an amp over one amp because it has more watts.

30 watts is plenty loud.

MGs are poorly built, lifeless sounding, overpriced pieces of crap .
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Lol, we should totally link to all of these threads and send them to marshall HQ via email
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