Yup more questions about my trem lol. For those of you who have trems I need a quick bit of input. What size allen key do you think would fit the string bolts on the bridge of a jackson licensed floating floyd rose?

I've just bought a set with 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm,,,think the 3 mm would fit? if not I'm buggered
considering its 7 hours till I get home no I cant, not for the 7 hours at least, and since I'm close to the store where I just bought the set (yes I know I probs shoulda asked first) if it turns out rong I can take them back insteada waiting 7 hours to find I've bought the wrong set,,,,so just answer please
you usually get them with the guitar, try searching on google. i can't try it out for you at the moment since i'm at work
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which is the more pointless? the pointless messege or the messege thats bothering to point out that its pointless? lol

An in reponse to the last one I did get one with it,,,,its too big
theres normally 2mm, 3mm and 4mm allen screws on FR trems. you won't get 2.35434mm or pimm
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considering I've just bought all those sizes,,,i can live with that responce lol