What tone and effects etc. does paul gilbert use in the technical difficulties solo?
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I find i can get a Gilbertish tone with my gh50l, ESP eclipse and Dod Malmsteen pedal....
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A lot of........................PRESENTS (presence)

(watch the intense rock video)

The main part of his tone is his high end, not treble so much, but presence. You know, the PRESENCE.
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he really hasn't a special tone soundwise. no delay's or reverb and phasers and chorus or whatsoever.

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His guitar has a surprising amount of that Gilbert tone locked up in it. I tried a PGM out at my local store, and was pleasantly surprised to hear some of that Gilbert goodness coming out - through an MG30DFX.
lower bass and high, more mids + presence, tone zone/paf pro helps a lot.
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