The other day my partner came to me with a song idea, and I rolled with the rhythm untill I eventually came to a point where I had made her a solo space.

Well it turns out the rhythm I saw promise in came to be for my first solo.
I think it's alright for my first but in saying that I got carried away on scale runs. Hey, first go there's lots of time to improve!

It would have legato playing somewhere in there, most likely replacing those scale runs actually, but I'm not fast enough in that area yet so next time maybe...

An out-of-10 would be appreciated.

- Jaykib
*shrugs* I don't know...
Do you have an earlier version to GP5 installed? The link's working fine for me...
*shrugs* I don't know...
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make an account at youtube.com and upload a audio fille so we can hear more easily.
Srry, don't have guitarpro instaled in my pc..
hands down.
Hey man thanks for critting my Metal Song. I would be happy to crit your solo but I got a new computer and havent put gp5 on it yet (i dont know where my disc of it is) but when i do ill listen to it and let you know what i think
I liked the backround chords especially that slide, but i do think you should try and use more of the fretboard to your advantage maybe extend the scales that you use and run up and down a scale, just don't keep running up scales the whole solo either but i liked the basic idea though keep on writing
can you just export the midi and upload that? it wont work for me either
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