Yesterday, I made my little ruby amp. Can anyone suggest a good speaker about 4"?
There's nothing really for a guitar at around 4", I'm fairly sure Ted Weber makes 6" speakers that are designed for guitar though.
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Yeah, those look pretty good. And affordable, too. Only 24 bucks. They're in the Signature series section of the speaker section. I think Jensen makes a 6" Neodymium speaker,...But I'd go with the Weber.
I found some tiny 1.5" speakers on eBay, but they're not guitar speakers. Imma try em out, anyway, see how it sounds.
Thanks both of you, but I wanted to make a small amp about 5" by 5". Still it would still be quite small... I'll think about it
look at the little gem build on diyguitarist.com he used two four inch hi-fi speakers, and apparently they sounded good on the gem, the ruby is just an adaptation of thegem principles, somay also work well with similar speakers. They may still be out-performed by guitar speakers though..

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