Hi folks,

One month ago, I got myself a POD 2.0. After reading the manual and spending several hours on line6.com, I still don't know exactly how to connect it to my PC… I suppose that I only have to get a midi - usb interface like this one


connect it to my PC and then record my playing? Is that possible with this version of the POD? I hope you can help me on that subject. I mainly purchased the POD for recording. Now I’m pretty confused, because I couldn’t find a specific topic on line6.com, which I think is a shame! They should’ve included a detailed description in the manual so that even beginners know what to do. I’m interested in the most simple way (which I think is the midi-usb solution) to record my playing and getting an mp3 (or wave) file.

Greets from Luxembourg,
You need to run a cable from the AIR/AMP output to your soundcard. Here's some info from MF on your AIR output...read the bold carefully

A.I.R.™: Mode If you want to plug POD into a guitar amp as front end, flip the A.I.R. Mode switch to AMP, and set your amp for a clean tone. This defeats the speaker-microphone-room tone simulation of the A.I.R. processing. If you're using POD in almost any other setup (plugging direct into a mixer, recorder, PA, power amplifier, etc.) you want the DIRECT position on the A.I.R. switch.

Now, what kind of soundcard do you have? You should have an audio input. Most soundcards seem to have a line level input and a mic level input. Your POD is a line level device, so you'll use the line level input on your soundcard.

You may also need to access your software mixer (windows volume control) and select the right input. Most computers default to the mic level input so you'll probably have to change this setting to line level.

That's all I can think of for now. Let us know what kind of computer, soundcard, all that jazz on your next post and we can help more, ok?