Yellow im getting into jazz now, and it's funny how I used to hate it before I got into bass. The jazz I like is the stuff on xm radio, and Vince Guaraldi trio. But I was wondering is how to fit jazz into rock/alternative with bass wat should I listen to? I know all of the Jazz scales, but I want to extend my bass into a more jazzy rock.
Plez give me some of your opinions about what i should study and listen to!

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jaco is pretty awesome. i dont think he's really what you're looking for though...but as a bass palyer you should def check out some of his stuff.
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Definitely Check out Christian McBride, he's a newer guy that does a bunch of straight ahead stuff as well as funky/rock type songs. Also, Charles Mingus, Paul Chambers, and Ron Carter are some classic jazz players to get familiar with. Some of Herbie Hancock's later stuff might interest you too (Headhunters, Fat Albert Rotunda,etc).