Well, I wouldn't call this trash, and I'm not sure what genre of metal it falls into either. The song seems boring, but yet maybe that's because I couldn't make out any singing/lyrics or otherwise. Honestly it was just too hard to hear it.
by the way lamb of god is metal, and yea it is reakly hard to hear on that recording it was just done on some crappy digital camera, we will be recording properly in march though!

anyone else want to say anything?

did i scare you???
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nice tune, but really crappy recording...
if you want to have a serious criticsm you need to put up some better recordings.
i couldnt even watch it all, it was staticy and kind of annoying after awhile...
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yeah thanks! we are going into a recording studio on 25th march to record properly

did i scare you???
i think this is really good!!!!!! yeah the recordings not the best but i can see alot of potential there! if you get yourself recorded well i think you could go far!