Ive heard a lot of people asking for tips to make the guitar playing more fun, or people who wanted to quit because it started to get boring.
So please post here all of you tips for those people.

(is there already such a thread ?)
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If you're learning scales (which i enjoy - but dont judge) then after the first few times you can listen to music, or watch tv while you're doing it. Don't do it straight away though because you need to make sure your doing it right or you'll pick up bad habits. If your not paying attention you should still be able to tell if you play a note rong because it'll feel odd under your thumb

If your losing interest in a song, then give it a break, the idea behind guitar is to enjoy it, or at least it is for me, so i learn what i want to learn, and if i dont enjoy it, i dont play it, move on n find a new song.

dont feel pressured by what other people know. i always felt if one of my mates learnt a cool song, i had to learn it to, to show i'm just as good. it didn't do me any good. keep to your own pace.

if your feeling frustrated by something, go learn an easy song with a good rhtym (the backing for metallica - whisky in a jar is good) very simple, but gives you good chance to learn something that sounds pretty cool, and you can have friends either jam over the top of it or record it and jam over it yourself.

meh. works for me
If they are still in the pentatonics, tell them to start doing modes.
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