In a few days, my band is going to be auditioning for a school talent show. We're gonna play 'Soul To Squeeze' by the Chili Peppers, and then we're gonna do this outro sorta thing where our bassist plays a slap riff in D. Then I play power chords to it. When we were playing it at his house, I tried a lil solo, but it sounded sorta repetative. Does anyone have any suggestions that would help to build a solo? 'Cause all I do is sorta fool around with the D major pentatonic, but I wanna move around the neck more. So could anyone help please? Thanks...
im not amazing at writting solos but ill try and lend a hand .try putting some diffrent techniques and stuff into it such as bends and hammers and pull-offs.also try starting near the nut and playing a bit there then move up to the top end for the last half.and move the scale shape aswell itll help break it up.then the key is it just jam with it.eventually youll start to think abit outside the box. i hope that helps
Thanks, but what do you mean by moving the scale shape? Like, just playing not just in that area, but other places around the neck, but in the same key?
Go from your major scale to the relative minor. Relative minors start on the sixth note of the major scale. Count the begining note as "one". In this case B minor scale is where you look. Experiment with it. Breaking rules is half the fun. Play the notes that fit and allow easy movement from one position to another.
When I went into my talent show at school it started off very good....we were dressed up in lether jackets with the sleeves cut off and all the classic eighties t shirts. I was lead the lead singer and guitarist. We started off but then suddenly our bass player stopped. I dont know why but he did. So we started off again and were almost to the lyrics and the other guitarists cord got unplugged from our bass player stepping on it. After we started AGAIN our guitars had no sound.....it was horrible. So we didnt get to finish our song.
We played For whom the bell tolls-Metallica.
So what I'm trying to say is don't go in talent shows