I got a Classical guitar which has a supposed rosewood fretboard. Now I aint sure coz the guitar is a cheap model and I have heard some cheap companies use maple fretboard and polish it to make it look rosewood.

My question...can I use coconut oil to polish the fretboard instead of lemon oil?
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you don't need to oil rosewood, it's oily enough to start. tung oil if you still want to.
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you don't need to oil rosewood, it's oily enough to start. tung oil if you still want to.

Well, I was under the impression that tung oil is a finishing oil. I was also under the impression you should oil your fretboard periodically (I do it every two string changes) to stop your fretboard possibly cracking from drying out. use pure orange oil, which you can get it from most furniture and some hardware stores (yes, even in Australia).
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I always use lemon oil on my guitars. Maple and rosewood. I oil mine every string change or once a month, which ever comes first. But I dont know what you can easily get in Australia, so I dont want to tell you something that you cant find. But go to a music store. They always have some kind of fretboard cleaners.

But I clean my rosewood fretboards alot because if I dont they get a gummy feeling on them and it makes it hell to play.
I use lemon oil on rosewood fretboards. You should be able to get it at any music store.

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Bump.. "Cos I have the samekinda question. I'm sanding my neck right back to wood, so what oil should I use to oil it and the fretboard?

And where could I get it? Prefferably in Australia..

For oil for the neck use either tung oil or tru-oil if you can get it (I can't get it local but some gun stores carry it.
Lemon oil on a maple fretboard wouldn't do much good seeing that they're finished....
I really like the synthetic oil from www.lmii.com You only need to use this stuff every 3 or 4 years so it's really worth paying a little extra money for. When I don't use the synthetic stuff I use linseed oil. You have to be careful with the linseed oil though because too much will turn your fretboard into a gummy mess, plus linseed oil is toxic.

I don't like lemon oil. It makes the fretboard feel nice to begin with, but it actually dries the fretboar out. It's kind of like licking your lips when they are chapped. At 1st it makes it feel better but then it feels worse than it did to begin with.

Tubaboy was right about not *needing* to oil rosewood. I have never seen a rosewood fretboard damaged by lack of oiling. I have seen them damaged from too much oil or the wrong type of oil. The use of the correct amount of the right type of oil will improve playability though.
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Ebony needs more extensive oiling/care or it'd crack. You dont have to worry much about rosewoods, i havent oiled mine for months. As for maples, i dont recommend using lemon oils on that. I find that bore oil works best for everything.
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OK im very confused....what oil should I use? Lemon oil is a bit expensive in India here. This local shop uses coconut oil on the fretboard and recommends that to me as well. They say its an alternate. Is it ok to use that?
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Azrael, yeah, I have always used lemon oil on maple. I've never had a problem. My Tele has a maple fret board and I oil it every month and I've had it for about 3 years and never had any problems. I know its finished so I dont know what effects it has on the finish, but it does make it quicker to play on.

invicnebleneo, I've never tried coconut oil so I dont know about it. But give it a try. I mean I dont know why they dont carry it really in the states, but if theyre recommending it to you, just try it out and see. Who knows.
I did apply coconut oil.

I dabbed cotton on a lil coconut oil and applied it. Prior to that put abro tape on either side of all frets and used fine steel wool to polish the frets. Then I put D'Addario EJ29 I guess.

And now its playing like a effing Dream! Its so brilliant! Its like a guitar a never had.....I mean I can get laid with that tone. I dont know if its the strings or the oiling or the fret shing or all combined...but its too good now.

Although I still want to try lemon oil n one lotion of Fender I saw in a local shop. But they're fairly expensive compared to Indian standards.

Can abro tape be damaging to the fretboard?
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invincibleneo - you are one of the only people in this thread that talk sense.