Hey guys how's it going...well I want to spend some money to put a bridge pickup in my backup guitar (which I still enjoy playing more than my new guitar, I guess I can't just walk away from the guitar that taught me everything haha). I want a metal tone without muddy bass, I hate muddy bass with a passion, so anything muddy please rule out. Heres the specs of the guitar:

Adler Body
Maple Top
Maple Neck
Maple Fingerboard

So yes it is a fairly bright guitar, but that can always be fixed with my EQ. Price range is anything reasonable, >150? around there...basically I'm a tone freak and I don't care.

Cheers fellas and thanks,
Playing more paintball and reading more books than playing guitar lately.
Help anyone?
Playing more paintball and reading more books than playing guitar lately.
Since you say you don't mind spending a bit, then try the Bareknuckle range. The Miracle Man, the Warpig, and the Nailbomb should all do the trick very nicely.
I would recommend EMGs but since you're only changing one pickup, I think you'll find that the hassle of having a half-active, half-passive pickup configuration installed won't be anywhere near worth it, and you'll probably have difficulty matching the outputs well.
Of course you could always try the passive EMG HZs, maybe with the afterburner system installed as well..
Seconded on the Bareknuckle pickups. If you're into metal, go for the Miracle Man! or possibly the warpig.
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