im hayden i play guitar,bin playing for about three years

me and a few friends are about to start a band
yes a but,here it comes
my friend whos wants to play bass has never played bass or guitar even and has asked me to help him

but im here to ask you for ideas i need a bass oviously and quite a loud amp 30 or 50 maybe

i think he is willing to go up to 400£ thts about 800$ for you yanks lol
im glad he is willing to spend that much otherwise it looked like he wud probably get a squier starter pack........................and we all know what there like

he realy isnt fussy when it comes to looks or shape
just wants decent tone so realy he needs to spend more money on amp
please give me sum ideas it would really help,then i cus look em up on ebay aswell,to look for deals

many thanks
This bass:

This amp:

Although personally I think he'd be better off if he spent more on the bass and just got a cheap practice amp. He can upgrade the amp later when he can actually play the instrument.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!