go for the esp i got the same guitar its really good for the money no better guitar for the price
I recommend u go to a local guitar store and try both... there're both very popular, so u shouldnt have any problem finding them at a store.

Try them and decide for yourself... good luck!
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Exactly!! You have to make your own decision on stuff like this. While you're trying those, try other ones that fit into your price range..ones you haven't considered. Because you may just find "the one."
That's happened to me twice, and twice only. In my entire 16 years of playing have I ever found two that have had that magic. The first was my Les Paul Special. I had just gotten rid of an Epi LP and figured that LP's weren't for me. But I found a used Gibson LP Special and they're a little different. Within 10 seconds of playing it, I knew....this one was mine one way or another. And it's served me well so far. The second was really a complete accident...I wasn't even looking for another guitar. My rhythm player/singer has OODLES of guitars, and one day he hands me a Peavey V-Type EXP and says "try it." I did, and I had to twist his arm for months, but he sold it to me. Now those are the only two I play, and i have no desire for any more. I've found my dream guitars.