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So, where do you keep your valuable plectrums? I just keep mine in a tiny box I got for Christmas, it was originally a box for a tie clip, but I just kept putting my picks in it, so it stuck.

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Altoids can.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
My pocket or my mouth. I used to have an altoids can.
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
I just keep them on my wallet. Or spread over the house xD

most of them are in a box but the ones that I actually play with are spread over the house and some of them lost
hands down.
In the tiny bin that looks like a trash can.
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I usually have a single electric pick and a single acoustic pick that I use regularly until they're worn out, and I just leave them both on top of my amp. I'm a pretty neat person I guess, so I don't tend to lose them or anything.

But all my other picks? I keep them in a Curious George special edition Altoids can! Whoo!
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I have a little glass box shaped like a star.
Either that, or in my pockets or mouth.
I don't know why..
I don't know why I fight for you this way.
I keep my picks in a jar i made in art class..and made it specifically for them.

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Uh i only use one pick regularly, and i tuck it under the strings of my guitar.
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in my jeans, on w/e surface i can fine. i have a solid silver one in a keyring pickholder, pretty much wherever i put them they are kept
in a pill container
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i lick them and stick them to my guitar, or i just keep them in my mouth, pockets, or on my amp...
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heyy karateguy i havent seen you around the pit in awhile

anyways i keep them in one of those little compartments in desks in the top drawer

Yeah I've been hanging around the Electric Guitar portion, and on another forum. But, I ventured back into the Pit and now I"m stuck again.
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Mine are tossed around my room

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A REALLY old 'backy tin I found UNDERNEATH my scout hut when we knocked it down to build a new one.
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I have an altoids sour gum can, but most of them are hanging on the wall in pick holders or in a gold bowl trophy for my perfect validictorianism.
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My right back pocket
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My tasty licks aren't going anywhere.
My amp had little slits in the top big enough to put in put small enough so the picks won't drop.
some on my desk, some in my guitar gig bag and some in my wallet
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