me and some friends just started a ska band, so the music for this song will be ska-ish but i wanted the lyrics to sound like old RHCP stuff. like from their album Mother's Milk or something. its a major rough draft so take it easy. italics are back up singers. c4c

Verse 1
Ride your bike, Ride your bike Faster than the rest Ride your bike, Ride your bike you really are the best.

Lance Armstrong, Lance Armstrong Only got 1 but he's better than you. Lance Armstrong, Lance Armstrong You've got 2 so what can you do?

Verse 2
Ride your bike, Ride your bike Yellow jumpsuit, yellow bracelets Ride your bike, Ride your bike Win the Tour de France


<U>Verse 3</U>
Ride your bike, Ride your bike UP and Down the hill Ride your bike, Ride your bike You've got some skill


i see what you are trying to do with this song, and for a ska band it would work really well, i just think you need to add more jokes because noone is going to take this song seriously, as im sure you never intended anyone to, so you have to make people have fun with it and i think having only one joke isn't enough(although it;s a good one, the one about the one nut haha)

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Old king cole was a merry old soul, a merry old soul was he.
He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl( ****ing stoner)
and he called information for numbers he could have easily looked up in the phone book.
hahaha dude i loved this.
it definitel made me laugh especially with the he's only got 1 but he's better than you.
so funny... this is a quality ska song.
maybe add just another verse
Nice song. It's perfect for a ska band. I do have to agree with guitardan76 you could add another verse. Crit my song if you want. (Check signature)
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Ignorance of the Safe