Hi guys, i'm now currently doing a presentation on musical genres(rap, heavy metal, black metal etc..) that would lead to violence.

I'm actually against this stance and at the end of the presentation, i hope to relay a message that tells something like "it not the music that would influence you to be violent, it all depends largely on the environment, people and families around you."

Anybody have any good articles that could help me in my presentation? Any suggestion on what i could say to the audience so that i could convey a stronger message?

I've thought of using the video "Bowling For Columbine" as part of my presentation. The part when Micheal Moore interviewed Marilyn Manson on the gun violence. That piece of short interview really change my view on M.M

Any comments or suggestion? Please tell me?

You should talk about GG Allin, and how he tried to start a revolution. Plus he was the most violent rocker ever. So if you are going to talk about violence in music then you ahve to mention him

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good idea, it really doesn't I know kids that listen to death metal, and they're fine, they wouldn't hurt a fly, unless someone coaxed them into something they wouldn't start a thing, sounds like a good project, if you can prove it, you'll for sure get an A(unless your professor is a complete dick)
You already said Bowling for Columbine, which is really helpful and presents useful information. Talk to any "violent people" you know of. Ask them what kind of music they listen to, movies and tv they watch, people they're around, their financial situation, and anything else that makes sense that may possibly determine the chance of a violent occurence.
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Maybe use the American Hardcore scene of the 80's?

Also, The Jesus and Mary chain weren't heavy metal or particularly aggressive, but they caused riots at pretty much every gig they ever played.
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