Hello everyone,

On my quest to find a good acoustic I noticed that Simon & Patrick and Seagull (and some others) guitars are made by the same company. The logical question that popped up in my head was: what's the difference between them?

(specific examples of possible differences: shapes, sounds, woods, electronics etc...spread the wisdom!)

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And what about the sound, any difference there?
..:: For all the freAky people!!! ::..
it depends the model, and how much dough you want to fork over.. Ive played many of both, and own a Simon and Patrick Showcase series. It truly is the nicest guitar ive ever played.. and ive play taylors, martins, gibsons, guilds, theres sometihng about it, it isnt flashly like all the others, but when you hear it, you know its an amazing guitar, all in all.

Ultimately, the seagull has more "looks", there are many more models of seagulls than there are simon and patricks. Im not sure about seagulls (but i imagine they are) but simon and patricks are completely hand made. Thats rare to find with most guitars. They are both canadian made, and let me tell you, both amazing. IF you havent played either, i expect the guitar most likely for you to try would be a seagul, however if You like the sound, but dont like the neck, get a simon and patrick.. The thing is, they are both quality crafted, and beautiful guitars. Seagulls have a wider neck, the owner himself tell ppl if they dont like the neck on seagulls to get asimon and patrick, seagull just happens to be there "frontline" of guitars. Both equally great guitars.

So finally.go play a seagull, if you dont like the neck ,get a patrick.. Either way your making a good choice, Godin guitars kick butt. Hopefully that all made sense, i rambled on haha if you have other questiosn pm me. peace
Seagulls have a tapered headstock, a wider neck, a "compund curve top" and probably different bracing. Other than that, its pretty much the same..
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