I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half and i've been looking to get a new guitar rather than my fender squier. I was looking at a Epiphone Zakk Wlyde Bullzeye or a Dean ML Noir XT, I like both, but someone I know has already got the Zakk Wlyde and it'll annoy them alot if I get it I suppose.

Any tips?
don't let your decision be affected by what kind of guitars other people have
if you want to get the Epi, you should get it

and his name is Zakk Wylde, btw
I would get the Epi since it is a better guitar in playability, sound, and to me, looks.
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The guy is right....dont let that sorta thing deteriorate you from getting the EPI....it all comes down to how well you play....the only tip i can give you though is...dont rush into buyin a guitar....i was an ibanez man for the longest time but i just decided to get out and try other brands...and now i am an ESP guy all the way...good luck in your search