id like someone's opinion on this. as a women i think females have really impacted the metal scene. still maintaining the hardcore rocker's edge status women have shown the world that not only men can jam with the best of the best. that women can even be more hardcore at times. i feel that women tend to fall more in depth into things than men and i feel thats a good characteristic to have when writing and singing. let me know what you think.
"part your lips a bit more, ill swallow your fear"
Otep. Their lead singer is a chick...i can't remember her name. But she rocks hard. I was watching this thing on FUSE and they interviewed people and all of em said she could rock harder than the best. But that's just shane miller's opinion
LACUNA COIL uses a chick
shes immence
but thats kinda like a metal meets opera sound =]
yah lacuna coil kicks ass but i think its more of a gothic sound mixed with a bunch of blasterbating metal drum beats. but her voice is amazing.
"part your lips a bit more, ill swallow your fear"
My favorite female singers in metal are Tarja Turunen (ex - Nightwish), Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering) and Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation). Yeah, women should sing in metal bands more often.

However, my favorite female singer and musician will always be Sarah McLachlan