uhh ok i registered today and i wroet this a while back, i dont exactly knwo hwo to write songs so as far as teh setup goes bare with me. uhh anything u have to say go for it good.bad,helping wutever. well here goes its kinda sad btu its one of those light at teh end of teh tunnel things.

Paper Bag and Red Sharpie's

paper bag
on her head
says "loser"
in bright red
she feels alone
so innocent
why is ever one
a hypocrite

she feels
so unwanted
she feels
she cant go on
but you
can try to save her
just turn back
dont walk on

your eyes meet
she looks confused
does someone care to
look at things in her shoes
she turns her head
as you approach her gently
you never knew
that consequently

she now
feels wanted
she now
can go on
because you
tried to save her
made the effort
when she was so far gone

you sat and talk
a couple of hours
about her problems
with conforming to the world
says she's hated
no one befriends her
not one boy
not one girl
you ask her out
for dinner on Thursday
puzzled, '
she accepts the date
little does she know
that in reality
she was the one
to seal your fate


she isn't
the one so damaged
just different
and misunderstood
that your
the one who needs helping
you've been hurt
gave up for good
you were on your way
to the cliff edge
rope in hand
fed up with life
you seen her
on that park bench
when it struck you
like a knife
what if she
could be the one to save you
she'd understand
your will to give up
she could mend
your shattered feelings
save your life
help you up
now you both
have found each other
now you both
can finally move on
when you feel
alone and helpless
she'll be there
a shoulder to lean on

paper bag
on her head
says "loser"
in bright .. reeeed. ( everything slows and the song ends)
i don't much to say about it. so they both end up saving eachother? it's really good use of words though
kinda that may, its more supposed to lead on that teh girl is the screwed up one when she isnt that bad off its him that has the worse problems
oh ok...i like it...you should check out my song...the title of the thread is I NEED A NAME FOR THIS SONG