is there a big difference between humbuckers and regular pickups. if so is one better for metal than the other?
By regular pickups, do you mean single coils? IF so, then yes, humbuckers are better for metal then single coils.
the humbuckers "buck" the hum, so in plain english: the humbucker doesn't produce as much unwanted noise as a single coil might.
Singles are generally brighter sounding, and humbuckers are better for distorted sounds.
If you want to play metal, you'll generally want to use humbuckers.
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Hope that helps a but, you might need to read a bit to get the main points but it might be useful.
And bottom line is humbuckers sound better with distortion, ie hard rock, metal
There is a difference. Humbuckers are two single coil pickups together, which cancel out the "hum! hence "humbuckers". Single coils are just coils wound around the pickup. SO humbuckers generally give a heavier sound. Whereas single coil give a brighetr sound.
Humbuckers also tend to have higher output (more power, rawness, distortion, etc). If you like both, check out soapbars as they're pretty dang good.