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10 37%
17 63%
Voters: 27.
I'm having a hard time deciding so which do you guys think i should get?
I love 'em both.
I'm not interested in the tremelo so that doesn't matter.
Are there any advantages to either or is it just preference?
I think they're both fine. I'd choose the Singlecut. The neck is more comfortable in my opinion.

It's all up to you. Whatever one sounds good and feels good. Oh, yeah colors good too. If you really like blue, wait. There will be a blue Singlecut SE coming soon.
nah, i think i'll stick with the burst of either or maybe the black. Is the flat top on the custom uncomfortable? That's basically the only thing holding me back from getting the custom. That and the sexiness of a singlecut.
I have a Santana SE, which is almost identical to the SE Custom. The flat top of the Custom has no arm carve. I find it as uncomfortable as a tele, which is not all that bad.

I can't tell by looking at PRS' websit on the Singlecut SE. It does have a carved top, right? If so, I'd definitely lean in that direction.
i love singlecuts personally. carved top, beautiful guitars, plays fantastic, and good sound.
try it out if you can though.
oh and dont get black. my LP is black and its damn hard to keep clean. satin black isnt bad but gloss black isa pain.
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My first guitar was a black with sparkles and it was always dirty. Get a burst like you're talking.
I'd would go with the Custom but it has a flat top which I don't like, so the Singlecut would be my choice. I'd get it in grey (quilted)

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Singlecut's unfortunatly don't come in grey quilted. only black and tobacco burst so i think i'm gonna go for the burst. The nearest prs dealer is like 50 miles so i won't be able to go try them out for awhile.
Well, now i'm considering the trem on the custom. How is it? Does the guitar stay in tune well?