So who thinks tmbg freakin' owns!? My friend got me into this band when I heard 'Doctor Worm' on one of his burned CDs. Discuss TMBG and all their geeky weirdness.
theyre geeky, theyre weird, and theyre fun. they are good. i just dont have any of theyre albums.
malcom in the middle. thats all i know by them. but it is a pretty good song :-)

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i just got into TMBG, i got the self titled one with Don't Lets Start, Hotel Dective, Hide Away Folk Family. it's awsome. Don't Lets Start is such a classic though

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Birdhouse In Your Soul people! /showing my age, lol

indeed a classic

yea i got into them back when they made that video for dr.worm back in the day but they do rock it out
I was really into them when I was younger, and just this weekend when I was sorting through my album collection, I found a few of their CD's. They're witty as hell, and talented to boot. Sometimes their quirkiness gets a bit much (in the earlier albums mostly), but for the most part they're pretty good.

Oh, and Birdhouse in Your Soul is a flipping classic.
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