I'm ready to write a query (proposal for an article) to send to a magazine I want to write for but I have absolutely no motivation at any level. I stare at the outline I have every once and a while and thats it. It feels like theres no way I'm ever going to get it done. Why am I so unmotivated? Any advice? I NEED to start writing.
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Just start writing it.....even if it's really bad, just start writing something. I find this works for me...the hard part is actually starting a peice of writing, but once i start it's really easy to stay motivated.
ok as a freind i'll help motivate you. If you do not finish your writing in 24 hours your pet or family member will die. this will continue each hour untill you finish starting 23 hours ago.
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Draft what you want to say on a peice of paper. You know, note what you want to say down. Then start linking your thoughts and you will be done in no time. Of course, as this is an application, be formal ( no contractions + using appropriate words and language)
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