Ive been playing about a year on my Seagul Acoustic and Im thinkin about getting an Electric. I don't really know that much about electric guitars. Im looking for something with versatility around 300-400 dollars. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks
A variety. I play worship and Christian rock for my church but i would like to play some Alternative too.
Then the world is your oyster, honestly. Are there any artists you're particularly fond of or want to emulate? It'd help if you mentioned secular rather than sectarian influences, since I'm not at all familiar with Christian-genre artists.
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get yourself an epiphone les paul my friend. very distinctive sound but you cant go wrong. imo the best guitar in the price range.
mexican fender strat maybe?
esp ltd m300
ibanez rg
jackosn dinky strat

digitech rp155l
morley bad horsie wah

carvin mt3200 tube amp

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i reckon get a schecter. great quality instruments for really good prices. i had a omen 6 and it was pretty good.
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Schecter S-1 Elite, very versatile, and the looks could kill.

I'm new to guitar and I'm leaning towards getting on of these. They are $599 at Guitarcenter/musiciansfriend
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i reckon get a schecter. great quality instruments for really good prices. i had a omen 6 and it was pretty good.

Yeah, Schecters are great. I bought a Schecter Omen 7 Extreme as my fourth guitar, and the looks are kill, the sound is great and it plays godlike.
Extremely good, and I was quite happy as I bought it mainly for the seventh string. I went used to push the price down even more. But now that I think of it, it would have been really worth it buying it new anyway.
I believe I am to sell my Les Paul for like 500 USD (When it was nearly 850 USD new) and get myself the Hellraiser. It would be sweet.
get a stratocaster.
u won't regret buying a standard.
its pretty nice, and easy to mod.
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