An instrumental power ballad....basically done except a few things here and there..............C4C........................o and if i havent critted you back from my last one...............im working on it..........i just got a fast internet connection a couple days ago so ill get on that soon.............so let me know what u think

Very nice, I wish the solo was a bit quieter, and then everything as whole was brought out more. I don't love the Little EVH things you are playing occasionally. They are impressive, but I don't like them in this kind of setting. Noe the song is really picking up around 2:20. There is a lot of cool stuff in this part. 3:13- 340 is a totally useless part imo, but if you want it in there, it doesn't make the song any worse. You almost have timing issues when the drums cut out every 4 or 8 bars, and when you come back in, it would be cool if you played something complimentary, Instead of quarters like you play. But hey, whatever man. Good Stuff.

The clean in the intro sounds a tiny a bit shaky, but man, when that lead comes in it all falls into place and sounds awesome.

Excellent tone man!

Nice whammy bar tricks throughout.

I like how the synth doubles what you play.

I don't like where it switches to distortion rhythm and the synth takes over as the lead, it's a weak point in the song.

When the electric lead comes back in it goes back to awesome.

I don't like the pickscrape part.

But once again, I love how the lead enters again.

Overall, really good, excellent guitar work!

Crit mine?

Man... I really want to hear this because of the whammy bar tricks and stuff but for some reason dmusic never works right on my computer. If you have a myspace or purevolume can you tell me? You can see mine if you want.
Thanx guys..............umm im not sure what you mean by EVH things, or whammy bar "tricks" i use the whammy bar as part of my playing i dont go like now im gonna do this whammy thing right here...........except little places in the melody in the beginning.............Im glad u like my tone..........not bad for a Spider eh????

O yea............pepajak the link u left is dead........
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Ey mate, sounds cool the track itself is not the most impressive backing i heard, but its obviusly about the solo, which is plessant to listen to, but it could use a little bit more flowing now and then, the tone of you're rythem-guitar distortion is not very nice imo, the soloing tone is however.

I have to agree with AloneInMyPlace about the 3:13- 340 bit, it kinda sounds if you're 6 year old cousin stole you're guitar and played some random notes for 27 seconds haha (no offence)

All in all i liked it btw, good job!
I'm listening. Hmm...I like the intro The solo could be brought down just a tad lower in terms of volume. The rhythm guitar with distortion came in and I'm not liking the tone very much. When the rhythm guitar comes in with distortion the overall track gets a bit too loud (proabably just my ears though). There are some parts where it doesn't flow as much, but still cool. Nice use of the whammy bar in most parts, some I didn't like too much, but in the right spots, it adds so much more to the sound.

The pick scraping parts I didn't like. The first set of scrapes was pretty cool though.

Nice work

If you have the time, care to crit mine? Link is in the sig.