Howdy All!

I'm planning on creating a custom paintjob on a bass guitar body, a Yamaha RBX 270 to be precise. I've got most of what I need, except for the neck, which should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Anywoo, I should be able to start spraying on my primer paint tomorrow, if it isn't too dark or rainy when I get home.

My dad took it to work the other day (He's a joiner) to sand it down. I bought it on eBay with all the electronics for £25.

I've taken out all the wiring, etc. Not sure what make the electronics are, I think they're just the ones that came with the Yamaha.

And finally, the paint!

White Primer, matt black and fluorescent green. If anyone has any ideas or designs for these colours, it could be very much appreciated. I was inspired by the lighting effects at Muses' performance of Starlight at the '06 MTV europe awards .

Thanks for taking a look, hopefully shouldn't take too long, I have next monday off due to a long weekend, woop.

~ Eilidh
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Ok, I've got a question. My dad thinks that it doesn't make much difference between spray painting and brush painting, and that brush painting would be easier and less dangerous due to vapours, etc. Does spray paint create a glossier finish?
spray paint won't give you brushstrokes, which is usually desirable. most people do spray painting in one form or another.
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Not glossier... The gloss comes from wet sanding and buffing. But brush finishing will probably give you a clotty, shitty finish with streaks and ridges everywhere. Unless you use really nice brushes. And even then, it's not gonna be easy to get a consistent result.
Please man, do some unique shaping for the horns, the horns on yamahas are so ugly that the people designed them should be executed..
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