Ive been playing for 1 year and a half and i've mostly been playing metal and hardcore and i want to learn a jimi hendrix song thats cool yea i have a fuzzface and a wah nutn to easy nutn to hard thanx
Purple Haze.


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Foxey Lady is about as easy as they come. Purple Haze is relatively simple as well.
I would start by learning English. Something tells me it will get you farther in life than Hendrix knowledge.
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hendrix aint easy, there is easy stuff, but put in the work, work hard, and dont just try the easy stuff, try it all, but yeah, voodoo child is an easy place to start, maybe a little bit of little wing
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hey joe was my first song to EVER learn... let alone sooo uh... try startin with that one... you been playing a year youll get it... i had been playin a week and dint know what the **** a chord was and someone showed me how to play hey joe...
you've been playing for about as long as me, and i just learned "castles made of sand". i recommend that, cause its really awesome once you get it down