my schecter revenger will be mine somewhere in march, as they import it for me from korea.

it has active duncan designed pickups...

schecter page says so:

A: Duncan Design pickups are manufactured by an outside factory to the exact specifications and manufacturing methods of Seymour Duncan. Unlike some ´import´ pickups, the DUNCAN DESIGNED pickups use Alnico magnets (for warmth & tone) and are 4-conductor, which means that ANY Diamond Series guitar can have an ´after-market´ mini toggle or push-pull pot added for ´splitting´ the humbucker for a cleaner, single-coil tone. Note: If this is done by a qualified repair technician, it will NOT void your warranty! As far as the sound, let your ears decide, but the models we use are 95% identical to the JB and ´59 !

my question is, are they really like 95% as good as the actual ones?
theyll be okay..
but nothing like the real ones

go for real ones

but one question "but the models we use are 95% identical to the JB and ´59 ! "
their not active pups?
I have Duncan Designed pups, they sound pretty nice imo. Not sure how nice compared to Seymour Duncans though
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yeah i would choose duncan designed ones over stock ibanez ones anyday, i had a jackson with a hb102 in the bridge which i think is a jb rip, and i loved it way more then the ibanez ones by far..ive yet to try a real jb, hopin to put one in my bridge of my prs im gettinj on thurs....
it is with active. the product description:

Schecter Revenger 6 SBK E-Guitar, Mahogany Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 24 Frets, Scale 25,5", Gothic Cross Inlays, TOM Bridge, String thru Body, 2 Duncan Designed HB-105 aktive Humbucker Pickups, Color satin Black

what those pickups good for?