I have alot of favorite bands, but if i would have to pick a favorite band of all time it would have to be the strokes. They have the most catchy songs and brilliant guitar melodys and solos, i just cant get enough of them. And i havent got bored of any of there albums or songs, and ive been litening to them for years. They are without doubt one of the best bands out there, from my time anyways
If i had to pick a favorite album, i think I would say "This is it" there first album. Although there newest one "First Impressions of Earth" Has the most brilliant guitar parts.
Reptilia, 12:51 and Heart in a Cage are the only ones I like that I've heard...
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i've heard most of their songs [coz of my mum playing them] and they seem okay, i've got a few of their songs on my iTunes...they're pretty good.
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i've heard most of their songs [coz of my mum playing them] and they seem okay, i've got a few of their songs on my iTunes...they're pretty good.

That's the way I feel about them: meh.
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Nope, not for me in the most part.

I like; Last Nite, Juicebox, Heart in a Cage.

Everything else I've heard, I don't.
I effing love them. Julian Casablancas is in the running for my favorite human being.
Listen to mah discs.


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love them. is this it? is one of my favorite albums ever, and Someday and Hard To Explain in particular among my favorite songs ever.

i'd be reeeally interested to see what they would sound like if they actually arranged their songs to different instruments / sounds. try a song with one of the guitars acoustic, or with piano etc. the songs are so strong, but it'd be interesting to see them branch out the style a bit.
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dece band.
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i like some of there singles so i bought ther album is this it and it was so boring i almost ell asleep.
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i saw theese guys back in '05 and they were pretty good. one of my first concerts
In my top five Rock bands this decade. And I agree that they should branch out their sound. "Vision Of Division" is absolutely stunning and shows what they are capable of.

You should check out Albert Hammond Jr's solo album. I've heard a few songs, and I especially like "101". It's like The Strokes but more sweeter sounding without the harsh singing.
I think they're friggin awesome. Sometimes I don't listen to them for a while and kinda forget about them, but then I always come back to their amazingness. I really like all 3 albums but Room On Fire is probably my favourite(although I know a lot of Strokes fans don't like it)because I think it perfectly captures the middle ground between Is This It?'s catchy, sing-along quality and First Impression Of Earth's more complex tunes.