Hey guys i was wondering if you could help me

Me and a friend have a video to shoot at college and we're gonna have someone in a field playing a guitar with everything around them moving superquick but them just playing guitar at a normal speed ya know and we were thinking of this kind of music http://mose.client.jp/ tracks 1 - 7 on anima II but i cant read the writing so no tab but if anyone could suggest similar music or get some tabs for it it would be great thanks in advance guys
heres what i got out of the track listing

hope i helped a little

Anima II
Tr.01 Spring color small diameter
Tr.02 As for U.N. Owen being she?
Tr.03 The Usa element it is, (?)
Tr.04 Month seeing grass
Tr.05 Oriental dark flight
Tr.06 Equinoctial week homeward voyage
Tr.07 Ghost band

this is what it says and (?) means i could find the word
Yeah dude it does help a bit thx man

The only problem is i still can't find any tabs of those songs ya know i ain't been palyin guitar long enough to tab them out myself in time so anything like that would be fine as well if anyone can recomend somethin thx in advance