The new CD's called Dead Again, coming out on March 13 I believe. Anyone else looking forward to it? Class band, Bloody Kisses is my favourite.
I have the promo version (I don't know if I'm supposed to...). I Have to say, it is one of their best. Every single song kicks ass. It's a bit different, in the fact that it is more guitar driven than bass driven (although Peter Steele is still the lead dude), and everyone has more singing parts. Life is Killing me was my favorite, but I think Dead Again could come out on top.
yeah. I pretty much agree with USAPeavey. But i'd have to say the entire cd is a really good blend of styles from Slow, Deep, and Hard all the way up to World Coming Down. It's a cd that really encompasses their entire career. It's got some heavy-as-balls super slow evil stuff to some really fast hardcore stuff. I think the final cd will be even better. i got the Life Is Killing Me cd promo when that 1st hit the net and the final cd that came out was a bit more polished than that promo so if that's the case, i give it a pre-release 10/10. Possibly one of the best metal/very-hard-rock recordings of the year.
Type O Negative is the shit. I love Peter Steele...completely plutonic ofcourse...*shifty eyes*
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I am muchly looking forward to hearing it.

Type O rule, Peter Steele is teh Uber Awesome etc.
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I heard Halloween in Heaven. It was too happy for me.
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Fucking can't wait. I'm gonna buy this bitch the DAY it comes out. I mean, as in, I'm gonna be there waiting outside HMV when they open the store. Peter is FUCKING GOD.