does anyone owna clapper? I was wondering if one would turn on my guitar amp for me whithout having to use a switch. Would this work?
no i am not lazy i have just always wanted a clapper since i was little and saw the first commercial....and all i turn in my house is my guitar amp so thats all i would use it for.
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ya, but it would kinda dumb.

How hard is it to flip a single ****ing switch for chists sake?

To be an ass, mine has two switches

ANYWAY.... Yes, that is a stupid idea. Almost as stupid as that guy in GB&C who put a flamethrower on his guitar, but he actually did it.
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No, but i have the clap.


You have the clap.

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*claps hands* light turns on

*claps hands again* light turns off

I knew that

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