Im thinking about getting a new humbucker to jazz up my strat, but it says it that they took into account that it will be in the bridge position (i.e. slanted), but im left handed so the strings will be the other way around, will that affect my sound?

http://www.dimarzio.com ( the website is set out weird so you will have to click on STRAT at the bottom then the SUPER DISTORTION-S link, sorry)

Yeah no response then...

So I've got a new account, a new Strat and want a different new pickup (DiMarzio Injector), but I'm again looking for a response to the same unanswered question from way back in the day.
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Being in the bridge position has to do with lateral position on the strings, not hand-orientation. It's not like you're sticking it in the neck position or anything.
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