Hey guys i was wondering if anyone knew of any easy electronic projects that i could do. Its all snowy and icey outside right now and i hate being in the snow. So something realtivly easy that i wouldnt really need to buy anything for...something i could just take out of something sitting around my house and fix up you know?
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well i think it was quite a stupid answer for a stupid question really. What the hell do you want us to say? take the TV apart, put a new plug on the kettle? why post that junk?
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Take an old computer power supply and run the wires from the power supply to black and red banana jacks. Now you have a really nice switching DC power supply that you can use to power other electronics projects that you build.

If it's an old AT power supply it will have a switch wired to it already. If its a newer ATX power supply then you will need to add a switch.

The voltages you will have available are +3.3, +5, +12, -12.

Click here for a website writeup


Take apart anything that you have that is broken with LEDs and mess around with them.. You can hook them up to a battery and a resistor. Different ohm resistors will give you different brightness for your LED up to a point.

Hooking up LEDs

Once you get bored with hooking up LEDs do a search for LED circuits and see other things you can do with them.

If you don't have stuff like resistors laying around.. take apart old electronics and desolder them from the board. Good desoldering practice!
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