Anything around 100$ that sounds ok i live near rochester area so if theres a way to avoid shipping sweet.
sounds like someone plays world of warcraft

*not helpful*

sorry i don't live anywhere near you
Rochester NY in upstate. i never played world of warcraft lol
i have a crate gfx-20 with dsp (has an overdriven and a clean channel, 2 delays, flanger, 2 choruses and 2 reverbs built in) and a 3-band eq. I live in NJ, i could sell it to you for 115 with shipping. id be willing to discuss other options too
im interested where ya from and what other options u interested in ?
i live about 10 minutes away from albany and im selling a line 6 spider II 30 watt for 85, so that would avoid shipping and its a good deal, PM me if your interested