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What was your first guitar and how much did it cost? In contrast, what is your current guitar, and how much did it cost?

Mine was a Stagg S302 (Fender fat strat copy) - £100
now i have a Fender Mexican strat - £329
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Its an Indiana guitar, looks kinda like a strat. I think it was like 100 dollars? Free technically since I got it for christmas a few years ago.

Forgot my current guitar lol woops.

Its an Ibanez Iceman..I think it was $550
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Some Behringer guitar modelled off a Fender Strat.

Cost me £70 and it came with an amp, strap, chord book, picks, and it was fully strung and set up too.

Good value (exceot the guitar was horrific. It was basically 2 pieces of low quality wood nailed together)
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Some kind of Aria fat strat, it was £120. Actually, a pretty good starter guitar, imo.

I am now rocking the Epiphone SG G400. £230
first guitar was a fender acoustic starter pack. $230

Recently bought a Fender 72 telecaster Thinline for $650
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my first guitar was a strat knock off called a bridgecraft- 90$ But pretty good for the crash
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B.C. Rich Warlock Starter Kit - Amp, Guitar, Picks, Chord and Case.
In my opinion this is one of the only ones that sound nice.
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Crappy Argos guitar: 80 euro

Current: Squier Super-Sonic: 400 euro (Planning to sell)

Looking at: Peavey Millenium BXP 5 string bass: 499 euro
First-Johnson starter pack (bass, amp, gig bag, and strap)-$250
Now-Ibanez GSR200FM-$240
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I got mine for christmas/birthday combined, so I dunno the price, but it was:

A Shine strat copy, horrible trem, 3 single coils, and VERY light. The thing is fucking horrible, seriously.

Still my only guitar, but I've ordered me a Jackson RR5.
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My stagg was (is) actually really good. I prefer the sound over my Fender, as it has a humbucker, and the quality is great and it plays well
What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil?
I've never paid to have a lentil on my face!
Austin fakestrat, for 100 bucks, its still pretty sweet though.ive used it in some recordings and it sounds great. now ive got a Epi Les Paul Custom-700 bucks
Mine was a cheap second hand Strat copy by the make of "Blaze". It cost me £45 (Might have been £50, not sure). I still have it. It actually has a great sound for a Strat copy. But after I save up for my BK's for my Les Paul, I want to customize the Strat copy.
Got the Yamaha Pacifica 112J, one of the best starter guitar, if not the best. It was 249$ CAD.

I also have a Ibanez RG 370 DX which is nice. It's fast! About 450$ CAD

Now I have a Schecter C-1 Classic, and that has to be the best looking guitar ever made. It plays amazingly well too. It's an incredible axe and it plays just as good as it looks. That was 900$ CAD new from Ebay.
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I got mine for christmas/birthday combined, so I dunno the price, but it was:

A Shine strat copy, horrible trem, 3 single coils, and VERY light. The thing is fucking horrible, seriously.

Still my only guitar, but I've ordered me a Jackson RR5.

I am getting a Jackson RR5 too
What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil?
I've never paid to have a lentil on my face!
Squire Affinity strat,$75 from Media Play (open-box FTW!)
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A very good nameless acoustic, no idea on the price, it was my brother's. Got it free.

Mexican Strat $250 (used, in amazing condition)

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Epiphone special II- 150

Fender 83 standard strat...a lot more.
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the first guitar i used i didnt buy, i borrowed it from my school for was a strat....and was very very shitty

i now have :
ESP/LTD M-50 - £200...i got that for xmas with a load of gear (u know cables and just little things like that lol)
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bc rich signature series warlock - £200
still my only guitar after nearly 2 years, i think if id got something cheaper i would of upgraded by now but i get a really nice sound from it and it does me fine for now although i am looking to buy something better this year

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Fender Bullet Strat and it cost 40 squids.
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BC Rich Bronze Series Warlock.

Still got it. It has some scuffs and scratches,and one of the pick-ups is broken, but I thought it was the awesomest thing ever when I first got it.
Aria acoustic (I've still got it) it cost £160 but I was robbed! When I actually learned to play guitar I learned how awful its sounds! I had to get planning permission to change the strings the action was so high!
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My first guitar was a Squier Strat pack: £200

Then I started bass and my first bass was a Squier Affinity P-Bass: £220 (rip off, I know now :@). Now I play a Schecter Stiletto Elite 5 which I got brand new for £470! Should have been £700+
A Behringer Strat copy for £89. Now playing a Schecter 006 Elite, £479.
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I currently have a..(plz dont laugh) yamaha C40. Its my first guitar and I have been playing for about 4 months. I am thinking of getting an electric guitar for my birthday so I can have all the extra frets to play scales on!!
Yamaha Pacifica 012, my first and current guitar Only £100, I've only been playing a few months, it does the job well.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II with Hot Rod Flames, £149. not a bad first guitar, but my neck pickup seems to have died
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guitar started kit for 200...

my current guitar is 650.

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An Epi LP 100, which ran about $300. I already knew how to play though, as I'd been using my mom's acoustic and my dad's electric for the better part of a year.
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mwa haha i started out w/ a squire bullet, which is the cheap version of a squire standard strat, which is a very cheap version of a standard fender strat. it was 100 bux. Now i play an epiphone sg g400 which was 400 bux and a million times better...seriously i picked up the old squire last nite for 5 minutes and was amazed at how sucky it is....and its funny cuz before i had the epi i thought the bullet was a decent foolish!
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I'm mooching my brother's Epiphone Les Paul II, but I think it's about $200 CDN or so. It's made of plywood, but I can get a decent enough tone out of it...

My dad let me borrow/gave me/whatever his Ibanez ATK, and I think he said he payed $500 or something for it.

And my SR500 cost $550 or something.
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