Has anyone used one? When I get enough money I want to get one and an EQ to put with my head in a rack. How much do they improve the sound?
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Sonic Maximizers are great investments. They really enhance the sound of your rig. If you want to know exactly what they do, here you go!

"When we listen to live music, all of the highs and lows reach our ears in the same relationship to each other as when they were created by the instruments. If this same live music were to be recorded and played back through a loudspeaker system, the loudspeaker would introduce frequency-dependent phase shifting. The inductance of the speaker's voice coil creates a stronger impedance as the signal's frequency increases, resulting in a time delay. Consequently, frequency components with large negative phase shifts (high frequencies) arrive at the listener's ear later than signals undergoing small phase shifts (low frequencies). The resultant signal is distorted in the time domain to the listener's ear. Audio material containing sharp transients (e.g., percussive and plucked sounds such as drums, guitar, piano and harpsichord, etc.) suffers the most from this phenomenon, making it seem unfocused, or mushy.

In order to address these problems inherent in basic loudspeaker design, BBE Sound, Inc. has developed a circuit that has two primary functions. The first adjusts the phase relationships of the low, mid and high frequencies. Since a loudspeaker's natural tendency is to add progressively longer delay times to higher frequencies, the BBE sound processing system adds progressively longer delay times to lower frequencies. This creates a kind of "mirror" curve to the time delay curve created by the speaker, neutralizing its phase distortion.

The second major element in the BBE system is the augmentation of the higher and lower frequencies. Loudspeakers tend to be less efficient in their extreme treble and bass ranges. Most sound-reproducing systems include a circuit for boosting high and low frequencies, showing an accepted awareness of the loudspeaker's efficiency problem. The BBE system, however, provides a dynamic, program-driven augmentation which combines with the phase compensation feature to restore the brilliance and clarity of the original live sound. The result is, as one professional journal phrased it, "The most hearable advance in audio technology since high fidelity itself!""
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very nice explanation, now I have a question, is there much difference between the 362 and 482 sonic maximizers?
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I use a 362 and it works fine for me. Ive had it in my rig for a long time with no problems. Basically its like surround sound for your rig. Once you use it you wont be able to live without it
I have a Sonic Stomp (the pedal version of the 482i) and love it, like goalkpr101 said, once you use it you probably won't ever want to turn it off. From what I've read, it works better with some amps than others, but it really improves my amp's sound. What amp are you using?
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The Sonic Maximizer are all the same just different colors and channels. I purchased a 482 (first edition) off ebay for $60 and the only thing different is the knobs and case.... does the same thing otherwise.

I play through a xxx and I highly recommend any Peavey triple x owners to buy a maximizer.
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Quote by serbusfish
very nice explanation, now I have a question, is there much difference between the 362 and 482 sonic maximizers?

The 482 has two separate channels with their own controls. So, you and your bassist or if you have another guitar can each use a channel on the 482. The 362 is a single channle SM. If it's just going to be you using the SM, the 362 saves you some money.
EHhh maybe...lol Theyre kind of like a compressor pedal in that theyre pretty transparent. A lot of people end up not liking the Maximizer for that reason.

On the other hand, Im thinking about getting one for my home theater system lol.
I think everyone should own a SM.

Transparent? Without the SM it sounds like my xxx has a thick blanket draped over it. It brings my amp to life. I ask myself "How have I managed without the Sonic Maximizer the past 18yrs?"
"I don't want to be hostile. I don't want to be dismal.
But I don't want to rot in an apathetic existence either.

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i used to have the rackmount version, i thought it made my amp sound like crap so i sold it, works great for electronic music though.
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