Since people are being ass holes on the forums, and don't know talent when they see it. I will have to stand up and say you guys are ****ing awesome keep on promoting your band and playing.I believe a record deal is on the way!
Interesting stuff.Not especially my kind of thing but it is pretty good.Keep at it.
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thanks alot to both of you on the comments and for taking time to actually listen to the songs
"Turn off your mind, Relax, and float down stream"
Considering your age it's pretty good. There is one chord in "welcome" where the bass sounds out of tune or the guitar. But other than that keep on rocking. In a few years you guys will be awesome.
yeah your right, he knows that it isnt the right note, I (the guitar player) was using a capo for that song so he wasnt sure where to play back when we recorded it but we have it all worked out now...thats good that u heard that and you could point it out.
"Turn off your mind, Relax, and float down stream"
its not bad...i listened to you last song. I think that its pretty good. Im not like a blues/classic rock enthusiast as im into heavier music but i apreciate it for sure...and yours is pretty good. I feel a lot of parts can be more smooth and on time i guess. It might be the drums but sometimes it feels like the song gets off time a little bit...who knows maybe you recorded it live. Good job though not bad for your age...my band is now 16/17 and we've improved greatly since we were 14 and 15 so definitley keep at it and dont let anyone tell you other wise! Maybe get some vocals though?

crit for crit: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=525946
thanks for the comments, and redrumsixsix6 you're right about that last song being a little off in some parts and yeah we actually recorded all those songs live insept for the first one which is why some parts are different tempos ect...again thanks for actually listening to them.
"Turn off your mind, Relax, and float down stream"
I like welcome's slight Pink Floydish mellowness intro, ever been introduced to...(dramatic gasp for ultimate introduction)... Led Zeppelin? Seriously they are total inspirations, I'd try getting in some vocals, anyways, that is some good sound you guys have, keep going higher.
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thanks, we have vocals but only on the first song
"Turn off your mind, Relax, and float down stream"
You guys will definitely hit it big if you keep it up. Mainly because you have a unique style of music. Everything sounds pretty solid to me. The guitar sounds pretty cool in "Carry Your Kid". Keep it up.