I thinking of getting a new amp i play classic rock, Guns n roses, ac/dc the beatles,led zepplin, bon jovi etc. i looked into the marshall dsl401 combo will it get me that slash tone, is what im most interested in.
you asked for pickups today or ?
I would recomend a Vox
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you asked for pickups today or ?
I would recommend a Voxç
EDIT: sry bout the double post.
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yea i did ask for pickups, until i realised i didnt need new ones, but ive been looking into a new amp for a year
The DSL401 combo should be good for you. Why you interested in the DSL401, considering you have a JCM800? They're the p00n for 80's rock and metal.
I played the Marshall dsl 401 combo and i really wasn't impressed by it. The cleans wern't great as you'd expect but even the distortion seemed poor to me
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look at all the marshall tube amps mainly, including the JVM and Vintage modern, although they re expensive
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I only like a amp with a good clean i don't give a shit about the dis channel because i can get a good dis from a pedal.
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Quote by TheBeatles64
I dont own a jcm 800 thats just what i might buy

It says in your signature you own a JCM 800...
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just out of curiosity, why are you getting a Boss Me-50 and then a Boss OD-3 and a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion when the boss me 50 pretty much covers them? and if your getting a jcm 800, you wont need a new amp.
actually you misread it says that hes going to get one soon.
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yeah but then why ask what new amp he should get when he already knows which one he wants? the jcm 800 should cover what you want and if you want slash's tone at least for solos, get his signature wah pedal
Because maybe he isn't shure if he really wants the jcm 800
PS: i believe in unicorns too !
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The Vox AD60VTX is a good amp. It's a modelling amp, so you can change it about to get different tones. It also comes in a 120 watt version if you want more volume. The cleans are really good and the tone is marvellous. I use it for Cream, Beatles, Led Zeppelin type sounds. Highly recommended.
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