This simple tune is a blend of two or more styles, of hip hop rap and melodic alternative rock. May I say all instruments in this are real (save synth strings ect) and the rap is nice and chilled and easy to follow and not hard hitting crap.

Features a girl voice on the chorus, two different male voices rapping the verse and a another different voice speaking into the prechorus/bridge thingy. Also a nice guitar solo at the end.

Name of song: Gossiptown

http://lukas.dmusic.com/ - last one on the list

I've put his on here before but this version is brand new.

C4C obviously folks, thou im a bussy man but you'll get em eventually chaps! Thanks alot peace out folks
tahs was totally ****ing awsome.I don't know what else to say.

the only thing I can think of may be the verse raps could be redone to sound better.Maybe add a bit of effects to them aswell.

crit please
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