Alright, so I got a Jackson JS30, and the pickups in it are ok, but I was looking at getting some new ones in it. I was looking at getting a Dimarzio FRED in the Bridge with a Air Norton in the neck. I play lots of Coheed, Punk, and heavier rock like Pantera and Metallic. Do you guys think this pickup setup would suit me? and are they good pickups?
I don't know much about the FRED, but if you're goin for a beefy ass thick hard rock/metal soung, I'd suggest a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge. I've got one in my ESP, and it rips. If you're lookin for a bit more mid range clarity, though, I'd say go with an Evolution. They're very clear in the mids, and your articulation (assuming you articulate well to begin with) sounds very clearly. THe JB is a bit thicker and dirtier with distortion; the clean tones are also thicker, more low end heavy. Definately both good pickups, though. Tone Zones are pretty mint as well.. DiMarzio's a good company.
tone zone in bridge, air norton in neck.
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A bill lawrence l-500xl in the bridge would be nice shoul work good for pantera since dimmebg used it.