Poll: What type of headphones do you prefer?
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View poll results: What type of headphones do you prefer?
20 39%
Behind the neck
3 6%
Enormous "rifle muffs"
21 41%
Old school
5 10%
2 4%
Voters: 51.
What kind of headphones do you prefer?


Behind the neck?

Those big-ass "rifle muffs", as I like to call them?

Old school?

Or none of the above?
I really like the "rifle muffs" myself. I have a set of Sennheiser HD201's

and I would recommend them to anybody. I also have Sennheiser MX500 earbuds for when I'm in the weight room, and they're okay. Definitely wouldn't use them outside of the gym though.
I use Koss porta pro, so old school, I guess.
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i hate normal earbuds

although in ear ones sound awesome if you but a decent pair(£50+)

other than that rifle muffs

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Rifle muffs all the way, ear buds are bad for your ears when listening for long periods and it just doesn't sound as good. Old school headphones are just blehhh, it reminds of the ones I got for free on airplane trips.
I like the big ones but they're not always practical so I usually just use earbuds.
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Rifle muffs when I'm playing late at night, but for listening to music on my player in town or wherever, definitely earbuds.
Oh, and I really hate those ones that go over the ear but aren't linked. Worst invention ever.
I use skull candy rifle muffs most of the time

And skull candy ear budds for the slopes(sp?)

Im a big skull candy fan good brand good sound and prices
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Im a big skull candy fan good brand good sound and prices

A week ago bought a pair of those earbuds on sale for $10. They're better than my other crappy buds.
With my ipod, I use ear buds, cause they're alright. Mainly for the computer, I use the speakers, but if I need to use headphones, rifle muffs are the ones for me! I'd use ear buds, but the cables are wayyy too short. The rifle muffs are a pair of Audio Technica that I got for using my amp quietly, but I don't use them for that anymore.
those earbuds never seem to stay in my ear

for going places i like the old school style, and for at home i like the big ass ones

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i use earbuds with my iPod and i use soundproof behind the head ones for my computer
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Bluetooth Rifle Muffs.

I have a Creative one, and it's good I guess, but batteries are a pain in the ass cause I always accidentally leave it on.
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I usually prefer the around-the-ears design, because it helps block out unwanted noise.

If I'm going somewhere I'll go with earbuds, but I don't have a pair that fits very well anymore. Plus, I usually have to turn them up quite a bit to get them loud enough to be audible over background noise.