cant really get the hang of this....wondered if anyone had any tips on the basic technique of accomplishing this.

here is an example of what I'm talking about


h=hammer on
p=pull off

when i try playing something similar to that it in no way sounds anything like what it is supposed to. thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
a big part of it (i dont know if your just starting) is how hard your finger tips are. if you dont have a callous, then its not going to work well. when you are pulling off the string, try to flick your finger off instead of just lifting directly up. hope this helped a little, other than that i'm not sure what else to say
k. to hammer play the first note, then put your finger down on the second note, without striking the string again. to pull off put a finger on both the notes, then play the first note, then lift your finger off the first note, but keeping the other finger on the other note, without striking the string again.
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Yeah, this probably doesn't belong here, but since it's here already, I will throw in my two cents on the pull-off subject. In addition to having good callouses, it helps to pull your finger off to the side rather than pulling straight up. This is what the previous poster meant by "flicking" it off, in case you were confused by that. Imagine the finger you are pulling off with as just another plucking finger, like you are fingerpicking.

Having sensitive (or "hot") pickups with the guitar's volume knob turned all the way up will also help with pull-offs sounding more audible.