I'm thinking when I get a job I'll buy a new guitar. So if I bought the guitar, used, and still in working condition, about how much would it cost?
It all depends on who's selling it and what kind of condition it's in,
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depends what model and how used it is.

either way, you cant go wrong with a good Tele or SG

very true.
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A working one with nothing broken on it such as any switches or tuners. Something that definately isn't top of the line; but not the cheapest model. I'm nooby at models of guitars so if anyone could suggest a good, cheap model.

then what are you asking?

a gibson std, supreme?

fender MIM, MIA? what?

^ theres no green for any model. except for the SG. thats a supreme. the color doesnt matter.
Used Fender Standard MIM teles can be had on ebay for $300 or so. Used Gibson SG Special Fadeds are $400-500.